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Loosen Anxiety’s Grip & Learn to Feel at Ease

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It’s hard to catch a breath. The muscles around your neck and chest are constricting.

Your mind, going faster than you can respond, is spitting out worst-case scenarios.

Do you even remember what it’s like to feel at ease?

Anxiety can be crippling. Even though the mind believes it is doing something productive, it is actually paralyzing you and constricting the flow of your life.

The stories it tells you can be incredibly convincing. Because of this, anxiety keeps you in a loop of fear. Without the right tools and guidance, breaking through the anxiety is challenging.

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We will work together to loosen the grip anxiety has on you.

Often times, anxiety stems from a belief you must be something other than who you are. I will help give permission to your own unique expression. I will develop personalized tools for you to use at work, in social situations and when left to your own thoughts at night.

My goal is to bring you back into a rhythm that is right for you. For you to feel a sense of spaciousness within your body and a presence of mind. You will start to feel spontaneity and genuine laughter again.