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Therapy for Women in San Francisco

Empowering women’s wisdom through healing.

Are you inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”? Yet the more you “lean in” the more you feel like you’re going to fall down.

Do you feel pressure to always measure up? As if you are not enough and always trying to fit
into idealized roles, looking and acting in idealized ways.

Are you driven with fear and anxiety that everything will come crashing down?

Stop “Trying to Be” Someone Else

“Trying to be” can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, loneliness, depression among many symptoms. Then we’re confused when we are fulfilling our expectations in life yet still feeling empty, unhappy, and disconnected.

The vibrancy for life is extinguished when we are not anchored into the real light of who we are as women. Even while attaining more roles, we stay disempowered, if we continue to focus our energy on trying to “measure up” instead of offering who we truly are.

Imagine Your Life with Vitality

Imagine what life would be like if you were free of trying to prove your worth. If you could sink in to the ease of trusting your own wisdom and personal guidance. If you could radiate from a place of knowing who you are and where you’re headed.

Imagine how much more you can offer others when you come from a place that overflows from a natural vitality. Instead of pushing yourself, you allow yourself to show up fully.

In my work with women, my focus is to redirect their attention to listening and being true to their inner most selves.

I work to transform the internalized voice that tells her how she must be and instead allow her the freedom to come into her true authentic self.

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I find that my clients need a companion in first being able to recognize their authentic self and then to be able to trust this guidance. This often opens up new avenues for aliveness, creativity and deeper connections in relationships.

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