You’re most likely looking into therapy because at some level you are suffering. The things you have tried up to this point are not enough. You need someone beyond your friends. Someone who has professional eyes and ears for your experience.



Stepping into a therapy office for the first time can be nerve racking, and rightfully so. You’re walking in asking for emotional, psychological and possibly spiritual support from someone you have not met before. Like all relationships, it can take time to warm up. This is why it is essential for me to establish safety with a client first and foremost. I meet each client where they are and respect their pace and timing on where they are willing to go.

All aspects of you are welcome here. I work with the belief that everything presented has its own wisdom. I will help you start to see and value your unique wisdom. This will become your own guidance system leading you to the path that is right for you.

As trust between us deepens I am able to help facilitate exploration of the underlying beliefs and meanings you have of yourself and the world. With mindfulness and compassion we shine a light on those beliefs that are restricting you. We will play with those restrictions and integrate new experiences that can expand you beyond this limited place. You will then have the freedom and power to choose how you want to experience yourself and your life.


Therapy is an investment of time, money and effort. Many clients have expressed to me that they could have never imagined the multitude of ways deep transformation would change their lives. I have been a witness to numerous clients, at the end of our journey together, radiating with a peaceful sense of who they are and their ability to meet life’s challenges. They look like a different person sitting in front of me.


My mission is to help shift a person’s nervous system to allow in more love.



I am a therapist because it is one of my callings. This has always been a part of me, in various forms. Learning about what it is to be human, in all its complexity, has opened me up to a much deeper love and compassion for each of us. It brings richness to my life.

It has also become a deep and meaningful process for me to help first myself and then others to have an embodied experience of being truly lovable and deserving of love in this very moment. I believe we are all unique and whole and when we allow this it will ripple out to the world.

I received my Master’s degree at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

I have completed Hakomi Trainings 1 & 2.

Beyond my work I find myself in the woods or mountains, exploring my spiritual life and playing & traveling with my friends.

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