Individual Therapy

Step forth to the greater possibilities in your life.

I work with clients on various challenges:

Knows how to excel, but missing out on enriching relationship(s).

Always chasing, but never arriving at satisfaction for long.

Independent and strong, yet tired and lonely.

Has a big heart and feels like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Ashamed about various aspects of their life.

Trusted with large amount of responsibility, but on the edge of burn out.

Racing thoughts of fear or self-judgment.

Charismatic, yet lonely.

Self sabotaging or feeling like an imposter.

Experiencing loss and transition.

Individual therapy can transform your life if you are committed to learning about yourself and open to possibility.

Often times we, consciously or unconsciously, follow a map to life full of beliefs and how-to’s that wasn’t created with your unique self in mind.

I will help you take time to slow down and become curious about the truth of who you are and what is possible. I will help you understand your needs, desires and gifts. I am like a guide reflecting back your brilliance and creating steps needed in your development.

Individuals who take the time to explore the truth of who they are, find more meaning and intentional direction in life.

They are better able to communicate their needs and boundaries, developing stronger relationships.

They become kinder and more compassionate to their self and others, enriching their daily experience.

They find a sense of peace in their humanity.

If you recognize yourself and your desires in these words, call me.

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