Therapy for Women

Because we thrive when we are nurtured.

Women often come to me feeling disconnected and dissatisfied. Yet they are not fully able to understand why. They are searching for something more, but are unsure what it is or how to find it. Maybe emotions are coming up like tidal waves, or they’ve lost that spontaneity or spark?

Stop Trying to “Fit”


Women have been raised to live through numerous roles: friend, mother, wife, daughter, boss. We are expected to stay sweet, while also fulfilling all the requirements to be attractive, intelligent, caretakers, who are successful, but not too loud or too big. And on top of it all, we are now being asked to “Lean In”.

All of these aspects can, in themselves, be wonderful! Yet, when we are trying to measure up to expectations, it is easy to feel trapped by the burden of perfection.

If this is true for you, you may be striving to be and not paying attention to the essence of who you truly are.

When you lose your sense of self and become inauthentic, it often results in a sense of depletion, numbness, anxiety, depression, and relationship stress.

Who You are is More Than Enough

I love helping women discover who they truly are. Together, we can bring a voice to your uniqueness.

It’s been my experience that when we start to let go of the ideas of who we think we should be and come to the self-discovery of our own unique pulse, life becomes less anxiety provoking, less overwhelming and there is a great trust in our own inner guidance. You become able to navigate your world with curiosity.

Embodying your authentic self allows you to cultivate more meaningful relationships, a more satisfying work experience, and sense of purpose in your life.


The Butterfly Effect

In our work together, I provide a sacred space for you to explore the oppression of your internalized judgment and the pain it causes you.

I will guide your focus towards your inner self, where you will find your own wisdom. We will work together learning how to be with challenges in a way

that honors you and those around you. And from that grounded, truthful place, you will be able to decide your next steps.

If you recognize yourself and your desires in these words, call or email me.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– EE Cummings

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